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THE GAME: a new extraction experience

A unique, PVPVE extraction game, Hell is Others allows you to progress your character by way of customisable items you obtain for your apartment. Grow your own ammunition via blood-thirsty plants, explore the noir urban setting, confront The Others, and do your best to live to see another day… A day which never seems to come.

Hell is Others

Crafting the tale of “Hell is Others”

"Hell is Others" emerged from the serendipitous union of Strelka Games and Yonder in 2018. A chance meeting unveiled our parallel paths on similar game prototypes, sparking an immediate and dynamic collaboration.

Strelka Games spearheaded the overall production and development, contributing to game design, development and business development. In tandem, Yonder infused the project with its creative vision, handling the concept, art, narrative, and sharing in the game design process.

At its zenith, the "Hell is Others" team expanded to 15 dedicated individuals across various disciplines, embodying a true fusion of talent and creativity.

The journey from concept to completion spanned three years, with the final stretch supported by A List Games, our publishing partner. Faithfully adhering to our timeline and budget, "Hell is Others" was launched in October 2022, marking a proud milestone for everyone involved.

Co-Production duties

Meet the team in this short behind the scene!